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dmAnswers: Your very own 24-7 corporate call centre

dmAnswers provides ‘real people’ to answer any calls you miss at any time– saving you from losing business. The service answers calls in your company name and relays the message you specified as to why you are not available.

This presents a much friendlier and more corporate ‘voice’ for your business, convincing customers to leave their personal details rather than ignoring the voicemail and hanging up. What’s more, dmAnswers then sends you their message and contact details by SMS and email.

Call flow

Key features & benefits of dmAnswers

  • Give callers the impression you’re a ‘corporate enterprise’… however many people you actually employ
  • Avoid losing business by getting contact details from callers who normally don’t leave voicemail
  • Save money by using our professional answering team without the expense of employing receptionists
  • Relax about missing calls, confident that our team can handle them on your behalf
  • Use the call centre as an ‘overflow’ at times when you’re especially busy or business is booming
  • Stay open 24-7, even taking calls while you sleep
  • dmAnswers takes the name, contact number and a short message from every caller
  • The details are sent to you immediately by SMS and email

How much does it cost?

dmAnswers is available at affordable prices for all business – with no hidden per minute costs. A monthly subscription costs just £19.50 plus VAT, which includes up to 15 calls with immediate SMS/email notification. Any additional messages are then charges at £1.25+VAT.

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dmSwitchboard: Give callers a corporate welcome

Available with any number you choose, dmSwitchboard greets your callers with the style of professionalism normally offered by corporate enterprises.

The service gives you highly-intelligent call management options while remaining easy to use. What’s more, this powerful service is affordable for businesses of all sizes – at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a real switchboard.

Key features and benefits of dmSwitchboard

  • Enjoy the benefits of a corporate style switchboard – without the costs, staff training and maintenance
  • Welcome every caller in a consistent, corporate fashion
  • Create a highly professional first-impression
  • Let callers choose between your ‘services’ and ‘departments’
  • Divert calls to landlines, mobiles, voicemail and fax services anywhere in the world
  • Change diverts at anytime using the online controls
  • Get the benefit of expert support – from people, not machines
  • Enjoy many advanced features for free (see below)
Feature What it does
web control: Control your number through any web browser, changing diverts immediately 24-7 and viewing your itemised call history online in real-time
voicemail: Voicemail with fully customisable answering message
voicemail by email: Receive messages by email (as MP3 sound files)
SMS notification: Receive text alerts when someone leaves a message
team divert: Divert to up to 9 different numbers per department
tone-driven recorded menu: Fully customisable tone-driven divert menu.
e.g. ‘Press 1 for accounts, 2 for support’ etc.
recorded information: Set up recorded messages to deal with frequent customer requests (e.g. Opening hours)
set-up wizard: An online step-by-step ‘wizard’ to help you get started

Pricing & availability

dmSwitchboard is available at affordable prices for all business – with no hidden costs. For detailed pricing information just put a number in your trolley and take a look at the full tariff guide (after clicking on the number in your trolley to see the available services and price plans).

Use our ‘call cost explorer’ (available on the same page) to see the prices of calls to the divert destinations you will be using. It’s interactive, and easy to get a feel for call costs.

Placing a number in the trolley places you under no obligation to buy.

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