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0800 Telephone Numbers

Range: 0800 / 0808 / Freephone BT tariff ff.

dmClub numbers begin 0800-0112, 0808-262, 0800-1180, 0800-2012

Cost to call: Free from BT landlines, but more from many mobiles (see below).

Image: indicates a sizeable, serious (possibly national) company that probably has lots of customers.

Cost of ownership: The owner pays setup, rental and call fees (typically in the range 2-3ppm) to fund the inbound call. This is usually considered a small part of the overall costs of call-handling.
dmClub numbers can forward to VoIP systems. Users taking advantage of this technology reduce their variable costs by 0.5 ppm.

International accessibility: Very good.


Regulatory issues: No special issues.

Mobile accessibility: OK with some operators (eg. Orange) but others can charge more than normal calls and play irritating messages to callers.

Typical Applications: Usually in a competitive sales environment where callers may save money by calling an 0800 number (particularly ‘gold’ numbers).

Also consider…

Choose a gold number to add to the professional feel for a fairly modest additional one-off cost.

Use a human answering service (such as dmAnswers) rather than voicemail, to cope with any call overflow while retaining the professional image that you paid good money for.

UK Local or 020-7 numbers can often be cheaper to call from mobiles and have superior international accessibility. Although they can lack the commercial/national image of an 0800 number, a local feel can be an asset in some situations.

This information is intended to be generally relevant to 0800 numbers from whoever they are purchased.Highlighted points are specific to dmClub.