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Local Telephone Numbers

UK Local: executive summary

Range: 01 and 02 Geographic numbers from over 600 area codes

Cost to call: ‘Not much’ from BT landlines (it depends on what price plans the caller is on). When calling from UK mobiles it’s usually taken from inclusive minutes.

Image: Indicates a local organisation or a national organisation that is not trying to puff itself up.

Cost of ownership: The owner pays setup and regular rental fees. Call fees will apply on top, but may be very low for UK landline or VOIP termination.
dmClub 020-7 numbers cost between 1.0 and 1.25 ppm to divert to UK landlines. Fowarding to VOIP is done without charge resulting in a fixed cost service

International accessibility: Perfect.


Regulatory issues:

No special issues.

Mobile accessibility: Very good. Pricing of calls from mobiles to UK geographic numbers are one of the big attractions of the range.

Typical Applications: Very general purpose. Geographic numbers are very popular, with public suspicion over misuse of the 08 number ranges. Locally orientated businesses such as minicabs, builders and hairdressers can appear closer and attract more interest by having the same area code as their customers.
With calls from mobiles being mostly without charge, geographic numbers (particularly Gold ones) are arguably ‘the new 0800!’

Also consider…

Choose a gold number to escape the ‘provincial’ image that many associate with geographic numbers (with the exception of 020 London numbers and other major cities)

Fax Number, perhaps the next number along, to maintain consistency on your business card/notepaper.

0800 numbers may be more appropriate if you’re fighting for business as they’re cheaper and may reflect a business with nationwide aspirations

020-7 London numbers share the economics of all geographic numbers but can appear more prestigious

Getting additional numbers fromadjacent area codes. Locally orientated businesses can use them to expand their business into nearby areas. Particularly useful when you’re on the edge of two or more areas.

This information is intended to be generally relevant to 020-7 numbers from whoever they are purchased.Highlighted points are specific to dmClub.

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